What do you want to be when you grow up? I have always despised this question . Why? Because no answer readily comes to mind . I am a budding young lady in my mid twenties.

My colleagues say i am intelligent, i am smart, i am bound to change the world etc etc. i hear this all the time but yet i don’t necessarily see where my life is going.

I say I am yet to be found when these questions arise because, believe it or not ,i am still discovering a lot about my self. Who I am, what I want and why I do what I do.

Life has offered me a lot of opportunities, some i have allowed to slip through my fingers, others i have allowed to pass by without even noticing but still I say  I am yet to be found.

I don’t know me much but one thing is for sure,  I am yet to be found,

Self discovery is the greatest tool any individual can have and I know I am on that path . My life is mine to live. God is the grand architect of our destiny but He still gave us the “spirit of will” so trust me when i say I am yet to be found . And when I am found you will see the glory and majesty all around me.

Don’t fret for my failures and weakness, I will overcome them. Opportunities I will grab and use again. I am only limited by my mind.

With this new blog, I will write on everything that comes to mind , passion, love , movies , politics , yes anything because i am on the road to self discovery  . I will get to the summit and the glory shall manifest.


Girl yet to be found


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